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    i spoke with two (non-PBOI) ortho surgeons before dr. avino and am glad i waited to speak with him. rather than feeling like part of a human assembly line, dr. avino made me feel like i was one of one. that relationship is essential and continued throughout the pre, surgical and post surgery process. you just know it when you see it.

    after researching hip surgery (for arthritis) i remain convinced that the more "modern" anterior approach is the most patient friendly and dr. avino is highly skilled and trained in this specialized technique. the results have been remarkable and my recovery very swift. i also greatly appreciated the prompt and very personable post-surgery call to my anxious family in maine.

    my other hip is currently "on the cusp" and i will be asking dr. avino for his surgical help once again. special kudos to his assistant heather who made the administrative process as comfortable as possible. kudos to jupiter med too!

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