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  • I have a shout out for Dr. Avino, Heather and team. I have now completed the second hip surgery in four months and could not be more pleased with Dr. Avino’s high standards of excellence. The planning leading up to surgery and the execution was seamless. I was able to go home the next day without pain and quickly began the healing process, now one week later I can walk 10 minutes outside in our community, climb stairs in our home as well as practice physical therapy to improve mobility.

    I believe Dr. Avino achieved the finest results for me he is definitely an expert in his field.

    Having personally researched hip surgeons who provide superior outcomes, a Doctor who understands each patient’s concerns with a focus on high quality care and being an expert in their field I am pleased after two hip surgeries to highly recommend Dr Avino and team.

    Source: PBOI
  • My hip replacement has been an Excellent experience! Dr. Avino and his PBOI medical team showed great competence, professionalism, and care during every step from Intake through PreOp, Surgery, PostOp, and beyond. I highly recommend Dr. Avino and PBOI on the basis of my recent surgery and it’s very successful outcome!

    My hip had become painfully arthritic and unreliable, even making walking unsteady and increasingly dangerous. Dr. Avino evaluated my condition, set up PreOp PT, and performed the hip replacement at JMC (Oct2021). Next day I was walking (with Walker assist) and discharged to home, where the PostOp PT began. There was very little pain or discomfort involved in entire process. One month later, I was walking unassisted, and at 4 months, I am fully restored and functional, confidently enjoying long walks, exercise, bicycling, and swimming.

    High praise for Dr. Avino, PBOI, Jupiter Medical Center (JMC), and ALL the Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, assistants and staff who so expertly organized and contributed their skills to bringing about this outcome, this restoration of my life!

    And very importantly, the flow of communications to me from all entities and personnel involved was timely, reliable, clear, responsive, and uplifting…. i.e., Simply Amazing!

    Source: PBOI
  • I am fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Robert Avino due to arthritis of the hip which was causing pain and loss of mobility. I found it easy to build a personal relationship with Dr. Avino and was comfortable that he understood my concerns and is dedicated to high quality care.

    I was scheduled for hip surgery in December 2021 as a same day outpatient, at the last minute the surgery was canceled due to Dr. Avino finding a potential serious issue which might have caused problems for both of us and his team. As a result of his caution and expertise in his field the problem became transparent and resolved surgery was rescheduled and performed in January 2022. The outcome was superior with no pain in my hip after surgery and am enjoying a quick recovery. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Avino’s high standards of excellence and achievement and the finest results I could hope for! Thank you Dr. Avino!

    Source: PBOI
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