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Definite Solutions for Disabling Joint PainState-of-the-Art Robotic Hip & Knee Replacement

Dr. Avino

Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic SurgeonJoint Replacement Specialist

Robert J. Avino M.D. is a leading Joint Replacement Surgeon offering Robotic Surgery for Hip and Knee arthroplasty in Palm Beach, Florida. He has had advanced training under world leaders at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and the University of Chicago.

What Our Patients Are Saying
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  • It is very seldom you complete a survey and firmly believe that a 0-10 scale should be changed to reflect a 15. At Dr Avino’s office the courtesy and caring begins on your first visit and continues to improve throughout your caregiving experience. The attention to detail and going that extra mile ... View More
  • i spoke with two (non-PBOI) ortho surgeons before dr. avino and am glad i waited to speak with him. rather than feeling like part of a human assembly line, dr. avino made me feel like i was one of one. that relationship is essential and continued throughout the pre, surgical and post surgery proce... View More
  • I moved to West Palm Beach from PA and this was my first visit. Dr. Avino has a warm and caring personality. I instantly felt at ease. I had both of my hips replaced a few years ago in Pittsburgh and I’ve had some problems since then. I feel confident in Dr. Avino’s medical expertise and treatme... View More
  • Dr Robert Avino was wonderful! He wasn’t rushed, made constant eye contact and fully explained everything. The staff was delightful. View More
  • Outstanding surgeon did my total hip replacement. Highly recommend Dr Robert Avino without hesitation. View More
Robotic Joint Replacement

The robotic system consists of mechanical arms and camera arms attached to surgical instruments. The surgeon remains close to the operating table at a computer console controlling the arms of the robotic system while viewing 3-D images of the surgical site. Robotic surgery is minimally invasive and helps improve accuracy during the procedure.

Direct Anterior Approach
Total hip replacement

Anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive hip surgery to replace a damaged or degenerative hip joint without cutting through any muscles or tendons as against traditional hip replacement. Benefits include faster recovery, a more stable joint, and limited activity restrictions.

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