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    At 66, I've been riding horses for 30 years and was always very active. Last October, while hiking in the Catskills, I had trouble with my right leg. My doctor at Jupiter Medical Center referred me to Dr. Avino, saying he was the best of the best. After x-rays, Dr. Avino told me I needed a total hip replacement. I went home, did lots of research, and watched patient education videos about the Mako robotic hip replacement surgery. I decided to go for it. Afterwards, I walked out of the hospital with no pain and didn’t need opioids at all.
    Dr. Avino’s post-surgery protocols were detailed and easy to follow, and I adhered to them strictly. I started PT four days after surgery, and Dr. Avino even spoke to my therapists to ensure they were on the same page about my therapy. Three months later, I was back to riding horses and doing aerobic water therapy at the Palm Beach Gardens Aquatic Center.
    I see many people in pain who can hardly walk. Surgery can be scary, but it's not what people think. The robotic Mako hip replacement minimizes tissue and muscle cuts, leaving a small margin for error. Don’t let fear stop you - see Dr. Avino and get your life back! I would gladly be a patient advocate to help others understand the benefits and the possibility of a life that isn’t weighed down by pain.
    She underwent R hip replacement on 1/17/24.

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