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Revolutionizing Hip Replacement Surgery: Cutting-Edge Innovations and Breakthroughs

Revolutionizing Hip Replacement Surgery: Cutting-Edge Innovations and Breakthroughs
Revolutionizing Hip Replacement Surgery: Cutting-Edge Innovations and Breakthroughs

Revolutionizing Hip Replacement Surgery: Cutting-Edge Innovations and Breakthroughs

Modern medicine is constantly advancing as research teams work to find groundbreaking medical solutions. Hip replacement surgery has seen drastic changes from open surgery to the recent minimally invasive surgical innovations with the help of robotic technology.

In fact, today’s hip replacement is much different than what your grandparents may have experienced, with better techniques and patient outcomes.¹ Modern cutting-edge techniques, better surgical tools, and treatment methods have revolutionized hip replacement surgery.

Cutting-Edge Innovations and Breakthroughs in Hip Replacement:

Robotic-Assisted Hip Replacement

Robotic surgery has transformed the way surgeons navigate hip replacements offering benefits to both the surgeon and the patients. With the Mako robotic hip replacement, a CT scan of the damaged hip joint is taken to generate a 3D image of the joint. This 3D model allows the surgeon to pre-plan your surgery based on your unique anatomy and program the robotic arm to stay within a defined boundary. Using this personalized plan, the surgeon guides the robotic arm to remove damaged tissue and implant the new joint with maximum precision. This technique ensures the most accurate placement of the implant with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

The Direct Anterior Surgical Approach

The Direct Anterior Approach is a minimally invasive surgical technique for hip replacement surgery. This surgical approach involves a small incision at the front of the hip joint, providing the surgeon access to the damaged hip without cutting through muscles and ligaments. Because this technique is muscle-sparing, recovery time is quicker, and surgical complication risk is lower.

Same-Day Hip Replacement

Don’t fear the dreaded long, unpleasant, and expensive hospital stays with hip replacement today. Same-day hip replacement allows qualified, healthy patients to return home the same, or the next day after surgery. This surgical method employs minimally invasive techniques that require minimal hospitalization following the procedure. Hip replacement recipients are able to recover in the comfort of their homes, minimize hospital costs, and return to their normal activities faster.

The future of hip replacement continues to evolve for the better with modern technology, research studies, and better surgical techniques. Dr. Robert J. Avino uses Mako Robotic technology along with the direct anterior approach for total hip replacement, offering his patients the best possible outcomes. Contact our office to see if you or a loved one qualify for same-day hip surgery using the most advanced modern medicine available today.

AUTHOR: Robert J. Avino M.D. is a board-certified and fellowship-trained adult hip and knee reconstruction surgeon at Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute. Dr. Avino specializes in robotic-assisted hip and knee replacement using the minimally invasive direct anterior approach to hip replacement, across Palm Beach County in South Florida.


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